The NōN Universe​

Nō (know) and be NōN (known)

How's Your Customer Loyalty?

Do your customers know how great you and your products are? Do you keep them informed and engaged so that they return?

In the NōN Universe, we have the engagement tools to keep them coming back AND telling their friends about you.

Is Your Team High-Fiving?

How well does your team work together? Do they need collaboration tools to complete important tasks in a timely manner? 

Let the NōN Universe provide the tools that your team needs to be more productive, actively engaged, and successful. 

Grow Relationships

Create and grow meaningful relationships and loyalty with your team, family, or business members. We help you understand:

  • Why engagement is essential
  • Who to invite and how
  • How to keep Members returning for more
  • How to build relationships across multiple platforms
  • How to tactfully moderate difficult situations 

Share in Safety

Relationships work best in a safe environment. You control what your Members see. The NōN Universe has no ads, PSAs, or agendas. You can:

  • Determine the purpose and content of your World.
  • Determine your World’s Membership and Privacy.
  • Provide direct links to your World.

Collaborate & Engage

Use techniques and create content that best engages your Members. It’s not the same for all communities:

  • Blog Posts
  • Downloadable Documents
  • Forums
  • Images
  • Live Messaging
  • Newsfeeds
  • Online PDF documents
  • Videos
  • Zoom meetings & breakout rooms

Create Your World

Create a World of your own that:

  • Grows loyalty and meaningful relationships
  • Safely shares YOUR content
  • Provides your team with the tools they need for success
  • Encourages engagement and collaboration
  • Connects with your other online content