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The NōN Universe​

Nō (know) and be NōN (known)
A Place to Share with People Who Care

We Believe in Being the Light ...

in a dark and discouraging world. The NōN Universe is a place to build cooperative communities; ones that encourage and build one another up.

Whether you’re a business, an organization, a charity, a hobbyist group, or an individual who wants a safe place to share with family and friends, there is a place for you here in the NōN Universe. 

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Welcome to Focused Social Media Plus

Focused: Don’t get sidetracked down social media rabbit holes. Explore and then settle into spaces where you are known (NōN).

PLUS: Get a calendar, a blog, and other tools that add value to your World. 

Fun & Safe Sharing

Remember why you use to love social media? It was fun! Now you can enjoy a fun and safe environment in which to share. 

  • Free to Join
  • No Ads
  • No Public Service Announcements
  • You control who sees your content
  • AND it’s fun and easy to share 

Stronger Relationships

Worlds build community and meaningful relationships:

  • Join Worlds to share common interests or a purpose. 
  • Create Worlds where you control the content and purpose.

Getting Started

First time in the NōN Universe? Select the Quick Start menu option. Here you will find information on performing the most common tasks in the NōN Universe. It’s easier than you might think.